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March 1st, 2011: Trace Osterham – Postscript

March 1, 2011

It’s a glorious, hyperdigitalized mundus novus.


Born demigods, we inhabit a world which we construct using nothing but our inspiration.

No contractual adulthood obligations, no fear of death.

What we choose to avoid, we do so with a single swift motion of the mouse.


The problems we face so laughably minuscule compared to what haunts our bodies gazing at the screen.


And yet its inhabitants are weary, tired of the opportunities this platform promises.


They say we are a purpose-driven generation.

Here, we lack purpose.



Many find temporary relief in fleeting activities.

Creating hairstyles to adorn the eager fashionistas.

Entertaining endlessly looped dancers with streaming music.

Running a blog comprised of articles from three hundred and sixty five different authors.


And yet as time goes by we realize that, in the end, we’re still left without a purpose.

No ultimate goal, no final level to defeat.


“Goodbye,” many say, “I’m moving onto the real world. A purpose-filled world, a world where things matter.”



It sounds good.


So I tap Esc-Enter and my viewer comes to a grinding halt

Basking in the now dim glow of my screen, I can’t help but think that all purpose in life is fleeting.


And maybe, if the blog served a role in one person’s life, whether it be an emotional outlet or mindless eye fodder for the last 5 dreary minutes of their workday, it wasn’t so fleeting after all.


It’s a glorious, hyperdigitalized mundus novus.

I’m content being a fragment of it.



Trace Osterham resides in New York City. He is extremely grateful to every single author who contributed to the blog, whether they signed up months in advance or stepped in last-minute to fill a gap. A small part of him will miss running to the keyboard every day at 8PM.

The End