The project has ended. This page is left up for the sake of memories, but we are not currently accepting new authors.

Your entry should reflect the date you chose, since the general idea is to WRITE ABOUT YOUR DAY in both worlds. Specific occurrences during your day or things pertaining to that day is important– it would also be helpful if some seasonal keywords were included to give the reader a sense of time. This should be more than just a ‘what day is it?’ project. Tell us who you are. Not just in the virtual world we inhabit, but also in real life– what did you do today? What did you think today? How did you react today? We want this to be a glimpse into your everyday life, a small window into your mind. Be daring and raw. Think of it as a journal entry that just happened to make it onto this blog.

Stories must be under 365 words, minimum of a paragraph. The deadline to submit your story is by 8PM SLT on that day. We’re aware that everybody is in different timezones, so stories can be submitted ahead of time if you will not be available or sleeping around that time. We can’t send reminders to authors every single day, so please make sure that you set up an alert or calendar for when your story is due. Responsibility is key to running this project smoothly. Posts can be submitted either by email to twothreesixfive[at], or by notecard to Trace Osterham inworld. We would much rather that you use email, since it is easier to handle.

While we don’t want to censor or restrict you, there are some key points that must be addressed– first of all, this is not a place to promote your hatred. Bigotry, racism, intolerance and homophobia will not be accepted. While every post doesn’t have to be uplifting and happy, we also don’t want this project to devolve into a cesspool of drama. (And remember, nobody wants to scroll through a blog with 365 whiny posts.) Please keep that in mind when constructing your piece. Adult (explicitly sexual) content is discouraged, as this should be an open, public forum for everybody. Please remember that your full SL name will be attached to the piece you write.

Please use proper capitalization and punctuation, submissions in all lowercase or excessive abbreviations will be returned for editing. No smiley faces, please.

You may attach one piece of visual material to accompany your post if you wish– either a photograph / drawing that you have done, or a creative commons photograph. If you are using a creative commons photograph, please include the link to the original artist so we can give proper credit. Youtube videos of songs and “all rights reserved” images will not be accepted as visual material. we would prefer that it’s not just a face / body shot of you– try to avoid those. Both RL and SL photography is allowed (as well as use of creative commons images from Flickr) so please try to be diverse!

Along with your story, please include a little information about yourself including where in the world you are from, and what you do (in SL or RL, it really doesn’t matter). Feel free to include links. This will not be part of your 365-word count.

If you have any questions at all, please send an email to twothreesixfive[at]

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