February 23rd, 2011: Crys Lexenstar – Cont’d

I lost track of 2365 and before I knew it, it was about to wrap up shop!  So here is my continued entry.  It’s quite a bit different than the last, but at least I’m going out on a better note.

Second Life took a whole new meaning towards the end of 2010.  Not only did I open up my very own (first) store, but I met someone that has become a staple in my life… be it real or virtual.

I met my SL partner during one of those “OMG I’m bored” moments.  You know, when you do something stupid like TP to Korea to make fun of noobs and laugh at the bling, facelights, & bad fashion sense?  But to my own surprise, I ended up on cam in TinyChat with a group of those random strangers and I guess I got lucky because he just happened to be one of them.   Since that night, we have been inseparable.

Exactly 4 months later (Happy Anniversary sweetheart!), I can say that SL has changed my life (first AND second) for the better.  I met Ayden on a whim and it has become more than I could ever have imagined. He has brightened my day more than anyone has ever done, he has shown me that there are truly wonderful men out there, and more importantly, he has not only broken down the wall I once had up, but he has conquered it and loved me more than I could have ever asked for.  Now, everyday that passes, I constantly ask myself how the hell I got so lucky.

I feel that it always takes something or someone to change your life and lead you down a greener path, and well, Ayden was the one who took my hand and did just that.


Crys Lexenstar is enjoying being 30, still residing in the snow-covered state of Michigan (albeit for just a lil while longer), and loving every minute with her partner, Ayden.   *raises her glass in the air*  Here’s to 2011, its only going to get better!


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