December 21st, 2010: Matty Luminos

When I picked this date, back in April, I had something very particular in mind. Now that the day is here, I am finding it very difficult to write.

Today is the Winter Solstice, that point at which the sun is at its furthest point from the Earth; the shortest day and longest night. To those who follow a pagan path, it is a day of rebirth; as the sun itself is reborn, so too is the year. The Solstice is the time for looking forward at the year to come.

Today would also have been my brother’s 36th birthday. His nickname was Sparrow, and that was also the name he chose when he finally let me persuade him to join Second Life. Sparrow was autistic, and though relatively high-functioning, he wasn’t able to manage on his own and for most of his adult life I was his carer. Actually we were each other’s careers, as I am physically disabled he handled things I can’t manage alone, and I handled things he couldn’t manage. We were a great team.

In common with many autistic people, Sparrow was gifted, and his gift was music. He was a composer rather than a performer, and our flat was full of instruments, and the music he made with them.

But Sparrow died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage almost two years ago, in January 2009. There were no signs or warnings, it just came out of nowhere; he collapsed in the bathroom and by the time the ambulance got him to hospital it was too late. He left few friends, but a legacy of music and memories.

I was planning to play Second Life today, and visit some of the places I visited with him, places he liked. But most of them are gone now and in the end I didn’t feel like doing that. Instead I spent the day in First Life, and finished it by listening to some of his music, and drinking a glass of wine in a toast for him.

Where ever you are now, Sparrow, I hope you still know how much I love and miss you. Fly free, little bird.


Matty Luminos


One Response to “December 21st, 2010: Matty Luminos”

  1. Emarose Starflare Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your special brother. Thank you for sharing.

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